About Us

This blog is about us and all that entails (which is a lot)…being a poly kinky interracial couple spreading sex positive joy all over the world one blog post at a time & one film at a time. I can promise that its always interesting so come a long for the ride 🙂

Sadie ❤

I’m a woman in her thirties who loves all things happy….flowers, sunshine and rainbows. I’m a very hard nut to crack but once it’s cracked I’m extremely gooey on the inside. Most who I haven’t given the full opportunity to know me would say that I have a very stoic exterior. I’m pretty reserved and quiet although I can hold a good conversation if need be. On the inside I’m full of feels, very emotions driven, full or care..concern & consideration. I’m a child at heart stuck in a grown woman’s body. My emotions are easily linked with those who I care about – if someone I care about is happy then I’m happy, if they’re hurt then I’m hurt and that hurt is 10x deeper if I managed to be the cause of there hurt, if they’re sad then I’m sad…..you get my drift . I’m impatient and can be mouthy at times. I am often very literal when it comes to words. I am not the same person I am at work as I am on the outside. I enjoy outdoors….I love camping, nature walks, mountain climbing and kayaking. I enjoy both reading and writing. I’m crafty so I love creating new things with my hands. I’m always on a quest to learn and experience new crafts. I love memory keeping and spend several hours weekly scrap booking and doing memory based projects. I enjoy musicals and theater but I’m not much of a movie buff. I enjoy sex and all it has to offer. I have my kinks and i’m a submissive. I believe in freedom. I believe in the power to choose. I believe in living your best life according to your own set of rules. I’m poly and have two partners Wicked & Doublemint (names changed for privacy) our partners are not secret.


Wicked is in his early forties and there is a nine year age difference between us. He is a film maker and has been a cabinet maker for many years (i’d say at least twenty plus based off of our conversation about it). He is also able to repair and/or build almost anything you need in your house. He’s quite the talented fellow. He’s an actor, sings and plays multiple instruments, enjoys medieval fighting and music. He loves photography, enjoys walks in the gardens and helping others. He’s poly and has other partners. Wicked is 6ft tall, brown eyes and short hair with a full beard. He likes blazers and button down shirts. I like them on him too 😉 He has his kinks and he’s a Dom. When it comes to me Wicked is very interested in getting to the core of my being. He wants to know everything and he’s patient enough to wait to know about my about my past, thoughts, feelings etc. He challenges me and requires me to share. He’s also poly and has three partners – Sadie (me) , Kit Kat & Jelly Bean (names changed for privacy)