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TMI Tuesday – August 6, 2019

I’m a little late but i’m here 🙂 – Sadie

1. Do you or did you have an “our song” with a current or past significant other? What is the song? My ex husband and I did have a song…two actually. We met when I was in high school so there’s one from that time and then one from when we got married. The song from high school was “You Got me” i’ll link it below. Then when we were older our song was “Ain’t no mountain high enough” which i’ll also link below. Other then that nope I haven’t had any special songs that I can think of with anyone else. Oh well there was one other song with someone and now every time I hear I immediately shut it off…guess i’ll link that one too. The joys of reminiscing – it was called “The Need to Know” and now I hate it. Fun fact – Wicked and I’s first real spat…where I think he realized I was a little touched lol…was over a song. Its funny now but it was not at the time.

Song from High School that was special to my ex and I.
Our song when we were older – we actually did a special dance mashup to this song and a few others at our wedding .
The song that I no longer want hear but it was special at one time.
For those curious the song that caused a spat between Wicked & I

2. What is your most annoying habit? Hmmm i’m not really sure that I find any of my habits annoying but I can tell you one that Wicked finds annoying lol. Its actually something I never really noticed because I’ve been doing it since I was younger and i’m pretty sure that I got it from my mom. She often does it or breaks out in half song….she’s a fun one. But I stayed over Wickeds house for a week a while back and one day he told me that my whistling was bugging him. Honestly I can’t really whistle so its very choppy and I tend to just randomly whistle….usually nothing specific…not a song…or a tune just something I make up. I found that to be interesting because I never really noticed how much I whistle until he said it.

3. You have been offered free plastic surgery for one part of your body, what will you fix? Man that’s a good question because i’ve never considered it. Although i’m team whatever makes you happy you should do. Of course there are things that are imperfect but I don’t think i’d chose elective surgery to change any of it. I’ve had some surgery and the recovery is not fun so I try to stay far away from that. But if I had to choose i’d do something small that wouldn’t require much. I’d get a toe nail transplant lol i’m not sure if that’s a thing but I have two toe nails I don’t like that I would change.

4. A meteor is headed for your house. You have saved family, pets, your computer, and smart phone. You have time to save one more item, what will you save? I’m definitely going to take a scrapbook or stack of pictures. I like to memory keep so anything that I could save that holds special memory i’m going to try and save.

5. Would you reveal a deep dark, shameful or embarrassing secret about your partner for one million dollars? Nope, I’ve always been one of those crazies and hopeless romantic who believes in love over money. I’d rather be broke with the person I love then rich without them. I know some people would say that’s bad and others good depending on how you look at it. I wouldn’t have partners now if I shared in any secret i’ve been told. I keep those close and don’t spill the beans. I’d venture to say i’m sure some people don’t even remember telling me certain things and unless they bring it up I won’t mention it.

Bonus: Which one of these do you have the most of: a sense of humor, sense of time, sense of direction, sense of adventure? Hmmm can I choose two – i’m going to say a sense of time and adventure. I’m not good on the sense of humor or direction front. My sense of direction sucks balls and i’m pretty literally so sometimes humor misses me.

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Usually I also pick a song of the week but since this post started with music i’ll do it next week 🙂


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1 thought on “TMI Tuesday – August 6, 2019”

  1. Thank for the link to the songs.

    2. Hehehehe. I do that too. Randomly. No reason. No tune. Not for long periods or anything. I think I just like the way it feels–on my lips, in my lungs. And I’m usually in good mood when it happens so maybe it is an expression of happiness, too.

    3. Oh wow! I never thought of a toe nail transplant. Good one, I need one. I dropped an jar on my toe years ago. The nail died. Now it is just problematic, and tender. So yea, I want a toe transplant as well. 😀



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