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Thai Food & Metamour Fun {Day in the Life}

That’s my big ole ham hock thigh lol

Jelly Bean and I had made plans to get together to go to the beach and play a game we both enjoy. She introduced me to the game a few months back and ever since then I’ve been kind of addicted. The good thing about the game is that it also encourages walking which is good for my health so that’s a good excuse. For anyone new to the blog Jelly Bean *name changed for privacy* is Wicked’s other partner since we’re poly. I reference her in this post Polyamory…My Choice as a Woman and also in Jealousy & Envy Is Being Poly Hard? if you’re interested in learning more. In any case I was already at there house when she got off of work since earlier in the day I had a session with Sir. When she came in, him & I were sitting at the table discussing some questions I had and details about the session that day. I was doing pretty good for going out since I fell asleep for a bit during aftercare which lately has been happening. I am usually knocked out several moments after I lay my head down. I think it’s just from the sheer intensity of the sessions. I find that to be very interesting because I suffer with insomnia and I usually have to take a sleeping pill at night. I have a mind that races the moment I lay my head down with things that I just can’t shut off. Imagine laying down and all of a sudden you start to think about how to cure world hunger and the many steps it would take….that’s me.

When she came in we decided where we would head out to get dinner together. We left the Wicked one home since he had work to get done which was fine by us because we usually have loads to chat about. We decided on Thai for dinner which was awesome . I haven’t had Thai in a very long time so it was great. The restaurant was nice, quaint and quiet. The service was good and it’s a place that I wouldn’t mind going back too. I ordered a noodle dish with shrimp. She’s a vegetarian and had a meal with imitation duck which I tried and was yummy tastes just like meat to me. Good food and conversation about an assortment of things that I won’t share with the exception of the stuff people would find boring like finances. Girls gotta keep their secrets 🙂

After Thai food we drove down to the beach and spent hours walking, talking and playing the game. We stopped and listened to a band for a little bit and danced. Talked about Wicked and our trimmings which was a funny conversation since he does the trimming of our lady bits. And also works on our skin which is a story for another day. He’s the best boyfriend aesthetician we’ve got, he comes with all of the benefits lol! It’s those little things that makes poly and the metamour relationship fun. Because when else is it ok for 1. two women to share the same boyfriend 2. Can go out and have fun together 3. Be totally okay about discussing said shared boyfriend shaving there lady bits… where unless you’re poly lol !

I had dessert which I was craving – a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and a mini funnel cake. Jelly bean did not have any instead she lived vicariously through me since she was on a diet for a weight loss challenge. After dessert we took a trip to the arcade and Wicked texted to make sure we were okay since we had been gone for so long. Unfortunately the arcade had closed six minutes before we arrived. We did find another one after taking a look at the local year round carnival. After that Jelly Bean dropped me off home and that was all she wrote.

I do enjoy my relationship with my partner Wicked and take pleasure in a good metamour relationship. Everyone does poly differently, I just happen to be one of those people that really enjoys when it’s a happy bunch kind of like family. A bunch that can all get together and be happy.

– Sadie ❤

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