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Ramblings of a submissive – My Marks….My Memories

As I take a break from cutting fabric and while I wait on hold for customer service to answer my call…I figured I’d ramble a little. It’s 9:41pm and for the life of me I don’t understand why most companies these days don’t have the option to not literally wait on hold and instead give me a call when I’m next in line. If I hear the automated system tell me one more time that my call is important and will be answered in the order it was received…I’m going to toss this phone. Could they at least give me a timeframe….because at this rate I could be on hold for an hour! Enough of that let me move right along.

Last night I had a session with Sir that I can still feel on my ass while I lay here in bed and type this….and that feeling makes me happy. It started me thinking about the why…..why does the soreness of my ass or the next day when I can see my slightly raised skin excite me and make me happy? I’m of a darker skin tone so I can’t see any of the redness that people of fairer skin tones can. Oh how I wish I could – I think I’d be a total junky! I like the rope marks I can see on my body after etc. The other day was a first….he could see a handprint on my ass after…sadly it didn’t photograph well. But back to the question why? And I think it’s because it’s like photos and journaling for me…it’s a reminder of the memory. Every time I sit and feel my sore ass I’m reminded of my time with Sir and that makes me smile. I like knowing when no one else around me does….something about that turns me on. It’s like my own little secret. When I’m in the shower and I feel a sting on my thighs from my slightly raised skin.. it makes me smile because in that moment I can remember exactly was going on at that time. It’s like a long lasting memory and when I can no longer feel it – it does make me a bit sad. But since I write literally everything I have all of it to look back on…speaking of writing – I write a lot behind the scenes but I’m behind on sharing with the blog. I will in due time 🙂 (I’ve been on hold for 25 minutes….shoot me now)

I think it also gives me that feeling of connection when Sir is not around. We have a dual relationship so he’s not Sir all the time with me so I think for me it also makes me feel connected. Now I can recall when I felt the after effects a session for a week and it wasn’t a joyful memory but I still liked the connected feeling even though my ass was on fire and it was difficult to use the bathroom lol .(For those of you interested it took 48 minutes to get a human on the line for a 3 minute conversation)

Let’s fast forward a bit…I started writing this post two nights ago and today while I was in the shower getting ready for my next session with Sir something caught my eye. When I hopped out & dried off I gave my body a once over. I figure we all do that…or it could just be me. But I look at every nook and cranny as I lotion my skin in the mirror making sure everything looks good for Sir. As I was standing there looking in the mirror I noticed marks on my ass…of which I squealed and jumped for joy…shh don’t tell anybody. I could see on my ass little bruises from my last spanking and as I mentioned I have darker skin but these I could clearly see! Needless to say I was very happy to show them off to Sir in session that night.
– Sadie ❤

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