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TMI Tuesday – July 9, 2019

I love the image for this week lol especially how it ends with….hard! It made me chuckle! I know this weeks is titled “Romance is dead” but I don’t believe that. I am truly a hopeless romantic. I enjoy romance. I love thinking of fun dates and making little surprises for my partner. I’m a pretty romantic girl, i’m pretty sure I have some men beat lol – Sadie

1. Have you ever sent an intimate photo of yourself on accident to the wrong person? Thank goodness No! Luckily for me I was never really a picture taking girl especially intimate ones. I can’t even think of an ex that would have intimate photos of me with the exception of my ex husband who might have 2 lol! It wasn’t until my current relationship with Wicked that I started taking more photos and allowing him to take photos of me….which took quite some time for me to agree too lol. But now its normal and just the other day I was having a great time taking photos of myself.

2. Which of these is a caring gesture you would appreciate?
a. Lover pre-heats or pre-cools your car before you drive off to work.
b. Lover initiates or consents to a sex act you’ve been wanting to try.
c. Lover surprises you with a mini vacation or getaway.

Can I say all of the above? Any of those things would be a caring gesture to me. I’m really big on the willingness to do something nice for me, it doesn’t matter what it is. The fact that you sat and thought enough of me to do something caring for me without me having to ask just because you wanted too means a lot to me. I’m really big on the little things and I often like to show through acts that I care because sometimes I feel like my words don’t do my appreciation for my partner enough. I like to come up with things that show I care – Wicked calls it #teamtoomuch lol! I remember the first night that I spent over Wickeds house and I woke up to breakfast before work – I was surprised and shocked, it brought it a little tear to my eye (I will post a picture below of it….because I’m a big memory keeper and I take pictures of a lot of things & I write daily). Its those little things that make a big impact on me because he did not have to wake up before I even got up to go to work to make me breakfast. I appreciate things like that , I don’t need a fancy vacation . There’s two sure ways to my heart – genuine care for me and the ability to leave me with good memories over worldly possessions.

3. Office romances–hot or not? NOT!

4. To find a romantic mate would you rather use an online dating site or a matchmaker? I’d rather do neither honestly. I guess in this day and age online dating is the big thing but I still haven’t quite jumped onto that band wagon . Lets just say i’m lucky to have stumbled upon my partners for sure.

5. Think about this. In a current relationship (e.g., romantic, friendship), are you clinging to past good times and memories or are you still having good times and making new happy memories? What relationship, if any, is it time to let go of? I am still making new happy memories every week. I hold onto memories very deep in my heart – I’m sure it takes over a large portion of my heart. I think in life its much easier to look back and remember all of the rough times and not so good memories but not bringing to light all of the good memories that trump those other things. This past week I worked on a week long memory keeping project and there were a few rough patches but when I look back on all of the pictures I took and all of the journaling and stories I wrote – there were so many good memories created in that week. Short answer – I don’t cling to past good memories because I’m making them each week. And its time to let go when you only have bad memories – when each time you get together its a shit show with absolutely no happiness involved then its time to move on . There’s a difference between having a rough day or night then having a completely rough relationship. Relationships come with both good and bad times – the key is that its not all bad.

Bonus: Have you (or your relationship) survived infidelity? Nope – no infidelity. We’re poly so there are no secrets in regards to our relationships. We are open about any other partners etc.

Latest blog post TMI Tuesday July 2 #NSFW

Netflix choice of the weekI am mother Earlier this week I just randomly decided to click on and watch this movie and to my surprise it was very good. You might like it 🙂

Song of the week – I’ve always really enjoyed Pj Morton and Yebbas cover of this song. Yebbas voice is so beautiful and PJs is just so smooth – great combo.

Thought of the week – You learn something new everyday – I know it seems like something mundane and maybe even unrealistic to some but it was true for me this week. I learned something new about my partner Wicked everyday this week. Some of those lessons and process was harder then others but even when he’s tough I enjoy learning more about him. I’m always on the quest to know more about him and his story deeper. I don’t think you ever get to a point where you know absolutely everything about a person. Its a process of learning and growing, I enjoy the journey.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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