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When It Rains It Pours….Literally! {Day in the Life}

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When it rains it truly pours…that’s how the story goes and on this day it did…literally what felt like everywhere. I woke up in the morning bright eyes and bushy tailed excited to get my day started and spend it with Wicked. I had a few small things that I wanted to get done before I left my house to head his way. The night before I had packed my bag with all of my crafting supplies because I knew that he’d be working on the roof and I’d need something to do. In my bag I packed some fabric, push pins, scissors, acrylic ruler, a few half done sewing projects, one bead in g project, my laptop, a bunch of different thread etc..I was crafting ready. I left my place around 11:30 that morning since it was my day off to head out his way. When I got there he was already on the roof grinding away in a camo pair of work pants, white tee, knee pads, and a khaki colored sun hat. I climbed the ladder to greet him, he didn’t realize I was there at first so that was a funny surprise. His surprised gestures are always funny, it usually involves a surprised face, his hand on his chest and the word Shit! I asked if he needed any help and to my surprise he said yes , he had something I could work on. Now this is rarity because usually when he works there’s not always much I can do to help him with because it’s one of those things where you have to know what you’re doing and if you don’t then you have to be taught which takes too long in the midst of work. I was excited so I happily made my way back down the ladder and into the house to change my clothes. I have some clothes along with toiletries that I leave at his house in the event of unexpected overnights , random need to change clothes like on that day etc etc. I’ll just say it comes in handy. On this day since I wasn’t expecting to be helping on the roof those clothes came in handy for sure. Once I changed I made my way back to the roof in my grey and pink leggings outfit looking like I was going to gym lol. He gave me instructions on how I could help and I went a long my merry way picking up dried wood and putting it back in plastic tubs. The weather was really nice, not too hot. We were expecting rain but where we live its truly sporadic so one minute the weather will say it will rain all day and the next its not going to rain at all. We had the music playing outside with us, a little bit of his playlist and a little of mines which I enjoyed. I feel like music makes most tasks go pretty fast especially if you know all the words and can dance to the beat.

When I was done I went back in the house to get the things to work on an assignment that I had do for Sir. Even though I had plans on crafts it was priority to finish the assignment for Sir first then move on to leisurely enjoy my crafts. Once in the house I went to the bookshelves in Wicked’s bedroom to look for some books that would help me complete the assignment. I knew what I was looking for but there were lots of books so I spent some time scanning the shelves. Whilst in the midst of that he came in the room…thank goodness…and in two quick minutes he picked out the three books that would be the most useful to me. I decided that instead of sitting in the house alone at the dining room table working away that I wanted to sit out on the roof as he worked. It’s the together feeling that I enjoy even when working apart plus that way I could be a helping hand if he needed it. So I gathered the three books, my laptop, a notepad and a fresh cold can of Pepsi from the fridge and I made my way up to the roof. I found a piece of rubber like cushion to sit on and then he brought me over an actual cushion from one of the outdoor chairs to use. It was a great idea, my butt was pleased. As he worked I read the books , took notes and typed up my assignment on the laptop. In between doing that I also helped to sweep the debris on the roof and got a lesson in hammering wood. I watched as he measured, sawed, swept, cut, bent and a whole host of things while up on the roof for a few hours.

I was enjoying watching and helping him work while I worked a bit as well. When I finally completed my assignment and saw there was not much to work on outside I went inside. He helped me locate the iron and I started to iron out my fabric for my project. It was getting a bit grey outside but no rain yet. Reese (I change everyones name in the blog to candy for privacy) came in for a bit and we chatted for a sec . While I was ironing I could hear the rain start so I stopped and went to head outside to see if Wicked needed any of my help . But as I was heading outside I could see the rain pouring into the sun room. And when I say pouring I mean really pouring. You would’ve thought the storm was in the house . So I didn’t head outside I instead scrambled to start looking for buckets for the rain to go in to because it was creating a pool on the inside the house. I looked like a damn dog as I scrambled around trying to find everything possible that could hold water. The rain had started out of no where before Wicked could get the tarp on. It was a good thing that there are a lot of crates in the house . I could see him through the window in a yellow rain coat outside also running around to get things done. When I ran out of empty crates I dumped all the stuff out of others to set them up. I ran up stairs to where I could remember other crates and emptied two from up there as well. It was crazy!

When he came in from outside he found me in the sun room clothes wet , hair and face all wet up . He goes into the shop to get a pile of crates and we worked together putting out crates , sweeping a pool of water out of the sun room, using the wet vac , picking all the stuff up from on the floor etc. By this time the rain had stopped and according to the forecast we had one hour before it would rain again so Wicked went back up to patch things up on the roof while I worked inside the house. The dining room is attached to the sun room and there were parts of that that got wet so I worked on pulling all the furniture away from the walls and cleaning up the water. By the end of the hour the roof was patched up well and when the rain started again it was no longer raining in the house…thank goodness. I would say we both breathed a sign of relief. We were beat after all of that running around – it was crazy.

After all of that he poured himself a nice stiff drink and I had another can of Pepsi . We were both walking around with wet sticky and dirty clothes on so we hopped in the shower together. You should have been there…well not for all of it lol 🙂 But for that first moment where we just stood there and looked at each other as the water ran down our bodies. It was that look of…shit this was a hard few hours. It was nice to take in how good the hot water felt after such a trying afternoon. We washed and talked….I enjoy talking in the shower…it always feels so intimate to me. Its not like outside of the shower there’s a ton of people listening to our conversation lol but in the shower I enjoy the closeness. I whined a little bit about sex while in the shower because after a hard day of work I want two things…a Pepsi and an orgasm….who wouldn’t. And after the shower being the very kind gent that he is….he happily obliged and three orgasms later I was a very happy girl .

Jelly bean (Wicked’s other partner..for those of you who may be new 🙂 )came home from work shortly after and we told her all about the tales of the day. We spent some time just chatting while he looked for some craft stuff in his stash from my project. We ordered some Chinese take out then her and I went up to her bedroom to pick out a movie. We decided on To Wong Foo, Thanks for everything! with Wesley Snipes, Patrick Swayze and John Leguizamo all in drag. We watched it on DVD but I believe it is also on Netflix for those who might want to see it. Originally Jelly Bean and I had made plans the day before to binge watch the first three episodes of a show on Netflix that evening but the internet was out because of the storm. When the Chinese was ready for pickup her and I went to go grab it. When we returned home, we ate and watched the movie…..poly style….Wicked in between the two of us holding my hand and rubbing her head . And all was right in the world 🙂

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