Seafood & Shakes – Anniversary Fun with Doublemint

[I’m a very big memory keeper in my normal regular life. Its an ongoing hobby that’s constantly present in my life…I could say its a lifestyle. I’ve been creating scrapbooks for forever both regular and digital, I vlogged many years of my life, I do two large scale memory keeping projects a year and I’m a big paper planner who never really transitioned well into the digital age. I take a picture at almost every important event in my life and I tend to write about it within a day so that those memories do not fade. I have been meaning to do a Poly Dates (A date with more then one partner or a metamour) series here on the blog for ages but i’m very anal and I like for things to be in chronological order. The problem is there was a picture from our first poly date that disappeared so I never sat down and took the time to share it because I just needed to find it. When I memory keep I try to keep an account of everything that happened from the moment I wake up that day until I go to sleep. Sadly I never found the picture, but according to my analytics here on the blog all of you lovelies who read are very interested in my poly and bdsm lifestyle so i’m going to be better about sharing more about those two things. This is a date night memory keeping post about celebrating my anniversary with my other partner Double mint (I change everyone’s names to candy for privacy purposes). Since this blog is largely about my partner Wicked and I, I thought it would be cool to share a little about my other partner Doublemint while doing my memory keeping project since there’s interest in my poly lifestyle . – Sadie ❤ ]

Seafood & Shakes…Anniversary Fun

Doublemint and I’s anniversary…some people call it dateaversary or friendaverary…falls on a holiday which is interesting because now that I think about it, the same is true for Wicked and I’s. We made plans to celebrate with a good ole fashion dinner and a movie. He was to pick the place for dinner and I the movie but as all things go with Doublemint he let me choose both. He’s rather sweetly stubborn in that way. He only wanted to do what was going to make me happy but I wanted to do something that would makes us both happy. He’s happy with whatever I like for the most part….unless its not deemed something men should do…that’s a story for another day. I woke up that morning and started to try and figure out what I was going to wear. I can be rather sentimental so I almost wore the same exact outfit I wore on the day we met. It was a black and white striped sleeveless knee length summer dress. I call them tent dresses, the type that does not accentuate any of your figure. I was intentionally going for that look the day we met. Now don’t get me wrong it was cute however you can’t see an ounce of my shape in it lol 🙂 But that thought quickly left my mind when I realized my legs might get too cold in air conditioning plus they needed a touch up shaving so I passed on that. I decided on skinny jeans, a pair of brown semi casual shoes and a purple v neck shirt. I’m one of those people who in general enjoys dressing up for dates. But I’m also aware of how Doublemint works and that he’d likely wear shorts, sandals and a baby tee lol I call the shirts where you see a mans pecks before there face a baby tee. Shhh don’t tell him I said that……in his defense they aren’t always tight lol He is in his late forties but prides himself on being very physically fit…we will talk about that later in the post. He puts my much younger body to shame. Once I picked out an outfit I decided I wasn’t going to eat breakfast because I tend to not finish my food at restaurants. I usually don’t eat much appetizers or ever have room for dessert. I corresponded via text with Wicked for a good portion of that afternoon trying to iron out some wrinkles from earlier in the week. That left me pretty steady in one place for a bit because I’m not the best at texting and multitasking for some reason.

Doublemint and I had plans to meet me at my place by 4:00pm. By the time I got into the shower Wicked & I had come up with a resolution which left me feeling better. Doublemint arrived twenty minutes to 4:00pm and called to let me know he was early because he wanted to make sure he didn’t hit any traffic. I had just hopped out of the shower, was very naked, still dripping wet when he called so I told him he could park and come up and that would give me time to at least put under clothes on. Again stubbornly sweet he decided to instead wait downstairs parked in the shade while listening to the radio because he was the reason for the early arrival and didn’t want me to rush. Of course I could not convince him otherwise. I arrived downstairs to the car at 4:02pm. He opened the door for me as usual since he’s a gent and complimented me on how nice I looked . He said I was runway ready lol. As I guessed he arrived in what I expected him to wear and looked very nice in his coral colored shirt. Once in the car I gave him the directions to the local seafood restaurant that I wanted to try. We were originally going to go to a popular seafood buffet in the area but one….I didn’t think he’d enjoy it as much as the local not franchised place and two the buffet was pricey and I didn’t want him to spend that type of money when I knew I’d likely not be able to really eat his moneys worth. We arrived to the restaurant which had a very nautical theme on both the outside and inside that was very nice. Our complaint as that the seats were entirely too low lol. We sat in the booth but the seats were so low to the ground you would’ve thought we were in kindergarten. I happen to really like booths as restaurants but i’ll opt for a table with chairs next time we go.

It was our first time there so it took us a little while to order. I was very happy that it was a Pepsi establishment since that is always my drink of choice, he ordered a sweet tea. I happen to really love hot teas but I do not like cold teas very much at all. The menu had some writing on the history of the place and how it was founded so we talked quite a bit about that and how our weeks went. I settled on fried flounder, fried shrimp, green beans and fries…my fries were a substitute for rice pilaf. I’m not a pilaf kinda girl. He always rags on my love for green beans. He ordered shrimp with grits. The food came out in a reasonable amount of time and was delicious. Yummy yummy in our tummies as i’d say. He finished his and I needed a doggy bag…however I finished all my green beans 🙂 I most certainly was feeling full when we left. I got all the way to the car and realized that I forgot my doggy bag on the table so I ran back in to get it.

After dinner was done we still had some time before our movie was to start so we decided to go take a walk in the park. There’s a really beautiful park near me that I really enjoy strolling in, however once we got there I realized I did not have walking shoes on lol! He offered to stop by a sonic on the way to get milkshakes but I was still too full so I said i’d rain check after I had a chance to walk off my food. Once in the park we had an awesome time, I really enjoyed seeing him in his element…the great outdoors. He was so intrigued by how big the lake was since he’s a fisherman. The full walk is about two miles and we literally talked to every one that passed by on that walk…that’s just his personality. We spoke to every one on the fishing piers inquiring about what was caught that day and we also stopped at every (and I mean every) exercise station so he could try it out. As we walked he would stop and tell me about all the trees, what type they were, how they’re used, what should be planted next to what etc. By the end of that walk my feet were beat and I had successfully walked off all of my full feelings.

Once we left the park we were both ready to enjoy a milkshake. We stopped by Sonic and sat in the car for a bit enjoying the milkshakes before heading to the theater I ordered an Oreo milkshake and he ordered a caramel one. I always enjoy an Oreo milkshake although I don’t like to eat actual Oreos. He offered me a taste of the caramel one but for some reason a caramel milkshake did not sound tasty to me. I don’t really drizzle caramel on anything but I do like it in my vanilla bean frappacinos at Starbucks.

Yummy yummy milkshake 🙂

We arrived to the theater in time for the movie to start. I brought in a plaid shirt that he had in the back truck so I wouldn’t be cold. Movie theater are alwaysss cold. I chose John Wick 3 because I knew he’d like the action and I had seen the first installment of the movie but not the second. I won’t give an spoilers no worries but I will say it’s one of those movies where you needed to see the previous installment. It literally started where the last one left off. I was very happy I brought in that shirt because I needed to cover my face for a good portion of the movie, it was rather gorey. And lastly I think the script might’ve only been two pages because ninety percent of the movie was action scenes with no words. The few scenes with words…had very little words lol. By the time we finished up the movie it was pretty late for the both of us. When talked about the movie which he thoroughly enjoyed on the ride back to drop me off back home.

He was a gent and saw me back up to my place but did not come in since he had to be up early for work. All I say about that is he regretted that decision as soon as he drove off lol Once in the door I stripped off my shoes, my clothes and put my left overs in the refrigerator. I made a cup of tea and plopped in the middle of my bed. I finished up an assignment I had to do for Sir before bed and that was all she wrote…

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