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Ramblings of a submissive – Spankings are good for the soul! [147 is the number]

There are so many things that I say are good for the soul….orgasms, Pepsi, fatty foods, the bodega, sex and the list goes on and on and on. But I must not forget to add that spankings are good for the soul too. Now spankings come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so I guess it depends but for the most part all of them are good whether with open hand, a belt or a wooden brush. Although I don’t feel the same way about a wooden brush when it’s used on any other part of my body. Now all spankings are not created equally and when they are meant for punishment or to hurt….they will. So don’t go bending over happily saying Sadie told you it was good for the soul because you might be in for more then you bargained for lol. What sparked this post is a really good sensual spanking I had recently. We’ll call it sensual because that’s what I asked for but I got a lot more then what I asked for and I was pleased. You know the kind of spanking that leaves you gasping for air and trying to hold on to everything as the slaps keep coming while your ass gets more sore sending you further into utter bliss. I have no clue how many open handed licks I took but I will go back to the video and count . Side note I’m totally obsessed with watching myself get spanked on video. I can watch it over and over and over again. I’ll admit that I’m not the best with my words so if I find enough gumption to ask for one then I’m really needing one. Speaking of need – the question is why would a grown woman need to be put over a lap bare assed and spanked? What could she possibly get out of that?

Well the answer is rather complicated I suppose because I don’t do the best job at articulating my feelings clearly when it comes to kinks and bdsm stuff to people who have not had the experience or a base level of understanding. So I may not be the best person to answer this. I’m trying to get much better about that but I’ve found that I become kind of embarrassed when I try to explain certain things to my vanilla friends. In my mind it totally makes sense, in my mind I have a great understanding of how I feel but when it comes out of mouth I start to think “well maybe I sound absolutely crazy to people ”. And when it comes to the “why?” I’m still working getting a better understanding on that myself. In any case before I run off on tangent….back to the original question. I enjoy spankings because they feel both good and bad depending on the intensity and the object being used. There’s something certain types of painful pleasure that I enjoy. I’m not a fan of just painful but painful pleasure I do like. I enjoy spankings particularly over the knee ones because it makes me feel grounded in my role. Although during these types of spankings I’m not “supposed” to be slipping into my more submissive side because there done during my peer to peer relationship. Shhh don’t tell anybody 😉 I like that not in control draped over helpless kind of feeling. I enjoy the close feelings that it fulfills for me…and yes I know that there are easier ways to feel close…like cuddling. But it’s a different closeness that I can’t really explain. Now I’ve noticed that when I specifically ask for a sensual spanking in my peer to peer relationship it’s because I’m feeling low in the D/s side of things often between long stretches of time between sessions. I’ve started to see that as a bit of a pattern and maybe not a good one . Because I’ve also noticed that that little bit of semi play makes me feel absolutely wonderful for that day and even two days later but then it wears off and I feel like I drop super fast. It took me a while to really realize that. But in any case when I can’t find all the words to express how I feel – I can find the words to very timidly ask for a spanking.

For those who were curious it was 147 soul feeding smacks to my ass 🙂 (It could’ve been 150 but the camera cut off just as I was having an orgasm smh. So I’ll only count the ones that I saw for sure.) I remember the first time I got a sensual spankings he went to 25 and he said one day you’ll be able to go to 100. At the time that seemed like a lot. 147 makes my little submissive heart jump for joy – Sadie ❤

P.S. If you are interested in what a sensual spanking looks like you can see a short clip of one here in a post that I wrote a few months back. I will say that was not like the one I describe in this post but I may share it one day. The one I’m referring to in this post was significantly harder 🙂 maybe I’ll share it one day!

1 thought on “Ramblings of a submissive – Spankings are good for the soul! [147 is the number]”

  1. It was well more than 150, I gave you 15 or so after you came.

    This was an outstanding post, you hit on many crucial points about spanking that are difficult to explain.



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