TMI Tuesdays

TMI Tuesday – May 21, 2019

1. Should romantic gifts be memorable or do they have to be useful? I think it should be a combination of the two. When I plan things I like to give the gift of experience. I enjoy doing things that create memories, something where I can take photos and look back on the good time had. I also like to give useful gifts but not any ole random useful gift like for example a sponge. I like for the useful gift to be something the person would really like and enjoy, maybe something they’ve had there eye on for a while.  I’m a very romantic kind of girl. I enjoy seeing a smile or the look of surprise on my significant others face. I enjoy the feeling that I get when I can tell the person can feel from my actions that they are cared for.

I enjoy experiences – Pic from a recent date that I planned. We had a good time

2. How would you like to spend a special day with your significant other? Now that’s a very good question that depends on which significant other it is since i’m poly. There are things that I’d do with Double mint that Wicked would have no interest in. And there are things I’d do with Wicked that Double mint would have no interest in. With Double mint since its summer i’d like to spend the day kayaking and doing some fishing maybe stopping off to a BBQ joint along the way. A place that has good coleslaw and ribs that fall off the bone for me and pulled pork for him. I haven’t been kayaking or fishing in a long time so i’m looking forward to doing quite a bit of that this summer. I tried to think of things we haven’t done. With Wicked since the weather is warmer i’d like to spend the day outdoors – i’m thinking a bike ride, a picnic but not where we’d have to do any of the work lol…a picnic with store bought food and relax under a tree in the shade and talk about many things.

3. Is celebrating Valentine’s Day dated and melodramatic? Nope, I enjoy Valentine’s Day but it’s definitely not like how it was when I was younger. When I got older I was much more interested in just spending quality time with the special people in my life and I like to make them feel special. I am not one of those people who feels like no one should celebrate it because every day is supposed to be a special day blah blah blah. Reality is everyday is not a special day. I think Valentine’s Day should be whatever you make it – you don’t have to spend a ton of money or any of that other foolishness. This year with Double Mint we went out to dinner and he surprised me with a few small gifts that I really enjoyed. I liked them because it showed that he actual pays attention to what I like. This year with Wicked we spent actual Valentine’s day together and we made the dinner of my choosing and spent quality time together. I do not prefer to go out and actually do anything on Valentine’s Day because its too crowded. My days of waiting way too long for a dinner reservation are over. I prefer to sit in the arms of the one I care about, have good food, watch something nice on tv and end the night with a bang….a literal bang maybe even skip the watch something nice on tv and just watch each other 🙂 One of the things I did for Wicked (since this blog is about us lol) was I visited his house the week before and hid a valentines day card for each day leading up to the day. Each day i’d text him an image of where he could find the card. It made him feel special and I really enjoyed doing it. Its the little things .

4. What place would you like to visit with:
– your best friend? An Island somewhere – anywhere hot where we can dress scantily clad and be the free spirits that we are.
– your significant other? Again this is one of those questions that’s dependent on the partner i’m with . With Wicked it would be California for a whole slew of reasons and that trip is in the works 🙂 Double mint does not fly and also will not go to California for reasons I won’t even get into lol. With Double mint i’d like to go to a nice log cabin somewhere in the country during the fall as the leaves are changing colors.
– your parent(s)? Ha ha….well no where with them together that would be a hot mess.

5. Overall would you say your past romantic relationships resemble a:
a. horror film
b. mystery thriller
c. romantic comedy
d. porn
e. drama

I’d say a romantic comedy if I had to choose only one but depending on the day it would be a drama.

Bonus: Are you in a rut? I’d say that I was in a rut but i’m slowly bringing myself out of it..bit by bit. Hence the lack of writing lately on the blog, I was just feeling a bit stagnant…but i’m back – Sadie ❤

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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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