TMI Tuesdays

TMI Tuesday – April 23, 2019

1. What is it about a woman or man that would drive you crazy? Now i’m wondering if by crazy you mean….gets on my nerves or if it means really turns me on. I guess i’ll just have to answer both. A man with no common sense drives me crazy and not in a good way. A man that lacks confidence drives me crazy….and not in a good way. Those things work for both men and women in my book. Now for the good stuff…… a smart man drives me crazy, I like good conversation and to learn from my partner. I like to be able to sit and chat while learning new things from a significant other. A man that is in control and self assured drives me crazy. Now I don’t mean cocky and condescending because that will drive me crazy in a bad way. You can be in control, confident and self assured but still humble & kind. As for women…I noticed that I like a curvy woman and when I say curvy I don’t mean just slim and curvy like me…I mean thick & curvy. For some reason I always take a double look at women that I pass outside with that feature. A womans touch drives me crazy..there’s a difference between sex with a man and sex with a woman. I enjoy a woman’s feminine touch during sex. Its funny because I haven’t been with a woman in a very long time but lately I’ve noticed some desires springing up in me..

2. If your employer offered an “afternoon delight break” where you leave work for an hour to go have sex, would you take that break? Yes I sure would take an afternoon delight break….do I also still get a lunch break in addition to that? I think i’d be a bit shy about it at first because everyone would know why i’m leaving lol But after I got over that i’d take full advantage of it. An orgasm a day is good for the soul!

3. On your afternoon delight break would you most often have sex with (pick one):
a. Yourself
b. A stranger (e.g., app hook-up, sex worker)
c. Your significant other

I would go with c. my significant others. The real question is how do I choose who for which day lol ? I guess it depends on how i’m feeling on that day because relationships are different and what I can get from one sexual interaction with a partner I may not from the other. I’m sure there would be days that i’d like to be with myself as well. Speaking of being with myself I recently purchased a new sex toy that I think i’ll do a review for on the blog. I’ve never had sex with an app hook up…i’m just not that social so i’ve not used any dating apps. I’ve also never had sex with a sex worker.

4. What is your best way of sustaining an erection? Well I don’t get erections…seeing as i’m a woman and all. But i’d say the best way of sustaining an erection would be by using my mouth and tongue 🙂

5. Tell us the top two (2) sexual things you hate to do? Hmmm that’s a good question Well if you read my most recent post (i’ll post it here) then you’d already know at least one of them. I hate painful anal sex (1) and I hate sexually passive men (2).

Bonus: What embarrasses you the most? That’s a good question…I feel like i’m most embarrassed by making mistakes especially if they are seen by others. A great example is something that happened to me yesterday . Wicked created a group chat between all of us (him, Jelly Bean, Kit Kat & I) where we having a conversation. I went into the info for the group and saw that I could name the group…so I thought of a cute name and decided to change it in my phone. Unknown to me when I did that… notified the whole group that I changed the name of the group and the name of it was…when I thought I was only saving the change to my phone, so everyone saw it. Now the name wasn’t uber ratchet or anything and i’m happy I didn’t use some of the other names I had thought of lol. I quickly erased the name….which it then notified everyone that I removed the name. There’s nothing like mistakenly sharing private information smh. Needless to say I was mortified and wanted to hide under my bed. I was totally embarrassed.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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