TMI Tuesdays

TMI Tuesday – April 16, 2019 #PolyEdition

I figured i’d try something different this week with TMI Tuesdays and also ask my partners and metamours (Metamour – Someone is your partner’s partner, but with whom you have no romantic relationship. This can be your partners boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse) to join in. Since the questions were fun and we’re poly I figured why not let everyone join in. Wicked has two others partners (Jelly Bean & Kit Kat) and I have one other partner (Double Mint). I wasn’t able to get Kit Kat in this go round but i’m sure she’ll be happy to partake next time I decide to do this. And also i’ll try to get Reese (Jelly Beans other partner) to join in too. One big happy family! Names changed to candy for privacy 🙂 Hope you enjoy! – Sadie ❤

1. Would you rather get a spanking in front of your family or do a striptease at your workplace?

Sadie -Man that’s a tough one. Is this a kinky spanking ? Or like the kind of spanking you got when you were younger for doing something wrong. This answer would be easier if the option was kinky spanking at your workplace or strip tease in front of you family. I’d prefer neither but a choice between that would be spanking at work. But that’s not an option. I’m too self conscious about parts of body to take off all my clothes in front of my co workers. Decisions…decisions?! I think ultimately I’ll have get over my issues and do a strip tease for co workers because I don’t need my little sisters seeing me get a spanking lol!

Wicked – That’s a tough one. Spanking in front of family because both are humiliating and i’d rather be humiliated in front people I love and care about. Versus people I don’t know or would have to an HR meeting with.

Double Mint – Striptease at my workplace and hopefully I don’t get fired!

Jelly Bean – Spanking in front of family because people at work might be scared off by a striptease. Now my immediate co workers would be cool with it but everyone else I don’t think so.

2. You are a sexy _____ *We answered these about ourselves*

Sadie – Little Butterfly

Wicked – Beast

Double Mint – Pink Elephant

Jelly Bean – Librarian

3. Hey baby tonight _____ me. >

Sadie – Do everything to me….Kiss my forehead, tie me up, bend me over, fuck me good and tell me that i’m your good girl.

Wicked – Swallow Me

Double Mint – Spoil Me

Jelly Bean – Cuddle & Snuggle Me

4. Would you rather have a rewind button or a pause button on your life?

Sadie – I’d like a rewind for sure. I’m not at a point in my life where I’d like a pause button . I’d actually like to fast forward past this part and see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow has to over. So I’d rewind for sure and then maybe press pause on a certain and keep doing that year over and over again lol.

Wicked – Rewind because there’s a lot of things i’d love to go back and make right.

Double Mint – Rewind because knowing what I know now and things I could do better or make right.

Jelly Bean – Pause because i’m currently at the best in my life. I’m not struggling with a lot of what I did in the past.

5. Would you rather have noisy sex neighbors or nosy neighbors?

Sadie – Now that’s a good question because i’m the noisy sex neighbor next door at times. I do try not to be, I’ll play music with hopes of it drowning out some of the action. I don’t mind noisy sex neighbors because I’m a bit nosy when it comes to that….I like to listen. Don’t we all? However if your noisy sex means a head board constantly banging up against the wall then I’ll be annoyed. I’ll take all the moans, ass clapping, dirty talk and all lol. I am also a very private person so a super nosy neighbor would annoy the hell out of me. But I also don’t have a problem telling someone to mind there business. I think I’ll go with the noisy sex neighbors there’s a little more excitement there.

Wicked – Noisy sex because I really don’t like nosy people. Nosy people and busy bodies in general piss me off. I like sex, I like hearing sex and if it gets too noisy i’ll bang on a wall or show that I can be louder and outlast them.

Double Mint – Noisy Sex neighbors as long as its not all night long (That made me chuckle lol – Sadie)

Jelly Bean – Noisy sex because I can have noise cancelling headphones! (Side note: I love this answer lol – Sadie)

Bonus: Would you rather mentally or physically never age? Why?

Sadie – Hmmm I’d have to go with physically never age. I love my mind even when it’s crazy so I’d prefer to keep mentally aging. Physical changes are not all they’re cracked up to be lol and they come with extra baggage too like people wanting to feel up on your boobs. So yes I need my mind and I’d prefer not to mentally change.

Wicked – Physically because i’m getting older and I see what aging physically feels like.
(I couldn’t find the last paper I was writing his answers on so this is not verbatim but more of the gist of it)

Double Mint – Physically never age

Jelly Bean – Mentally never age because dementia runs in my family and I’ve seen first hand how ugly it is.

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