A to Z Challenge

A to Z Challenge – Happy April!

I love a good challenge…especially when it feels like it will truly be a challenge. I’ve decided to join in the A to Z challenge for the first time 🙂 . It’s celebrating the blogs 10th anniversary which is cool. The challenge is to write a blog everyday during the month of April except Sundays. The blogs have to be written from A to Z for example day 1 – A is for _______ then the next day B is for _________ . And as they say if you want to up the bar it can be done thematically.

Now that’s a lot on its own. It will be a challenge for me because I didn’t pre plan so these will literally be off the top of my head daily . I don’t have any pre written blogs specifically for this but I’m hoping to find a place for some of the stuff I’ve already written in the challenge.

I just started a new work schedule which I’m sure will kick my ass at least for the first two weeks. So I’ll need to carve out special time to do this when I’m not dead to the world. I tend to write really long post but for this I’m going to try to keep them shorter if I plan to be successful. I’ll incorporate more pictures and things to help myself a long the way.

Plus there’s still TMI Tuesdays and Wicked Wednesdays….

I don’t know if I’ll keep to the everyday except Sunday posts. I’m sure I’ll just pick a random day during the week not to write because it needs to work around my schedule .

Of course I want to do a theme and challenge myself further to do it in some form of chronological order. I don’t want to choose random things like A is for Asbestos and tomorrow B is Brothel lol. Since this blog is about Wicked and I , I think I’ll use that as the theme . I think I will try to tell our story from then until now from A to Z in some form of order. If not it I will still keep the same theme but instead will write different short stories from our relationship from A to Z. Who knows what I’ll come up with…anything is possible. Tonight I will brainstorm .

We’re a poly, interracial couple with a dual relationship both romantic and D/s. We’re a lot of fun and the stories I have are too. I include the good, bad and ugly….it’s not all roses and sunshine over here, there are days when it’s not perfect. So all I need from you is to come back everyday 🙂 , buckle your seat belt, get your popcorn and come a long for the ride . Thanks in advance!

– Sadie ❤

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