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Holding His Hand & Under His Hand #WickedWednesday

I really enjoy seeing the images and reading everyone’s Wicked Wednesday posts. I’ve finally decided to join in on all the fun. I enjoy the versatility of the prompts. This week it’s holding hands and I love that! Its something so simple but still so intimate and filled with meaning. When I saw that it was holding hands I immediately thought about the many photos I have of us holding hands or just our hands together.

Holding His Hand

Holding His Hand

I still remember the first time I held his hand like it was yesterday. It was on our third date and my stomach was soooo filled with butterflies that evening. I even remember what I wore….a long beige colored sweater that had a few slight openings on the sleeve, black leggings and black shoes with a wedge heel. We had made plans to go see a movie that night but before hand we agreed to meet up at the local Panera Bread. He was running a little bit late so when he arrived I was on the phone having a conversation with my little sister. He walked in looking as handsome as could be in jeans, a blazer and a dress shirt. We sat for a little while and chatted for a bit. It was around the holidays so I brought with me some small gifts for his partners. At that point I hadn’t met them yet but I had an idea on what they’d like just based on passing conversation with him. He was pleasantly surprised by the gesture.

The theater we went to was a dine in theater where you can have a meal and watch the movie at the same time. We both ordered wings and I remember it was the first time I saw how meticulous he could be about keeping his fingers cleaned. I thought it was funny. Up until this point the only physical contact we had was at the end of our previous dates and that was a hug…it was intentional. I sat nervously in the theater after eating my wings thinking of how I could ask to hold his hand. I didn’t want to just grab his hand although I didn’t think he’d mind. I wanted to have his permission since we were new to each other and it is his person. A very long thirty minutes later I finally found the gumption to lean over in such a school girl way and ask if I could hold his hand. Of course he said Yes 🙂 At the end of that night we sat in the car and talked as I waited for my ride. As we talked he held my hand and slowly rubbed the inside of my wrist. It was the first time I noticed the power in his touch. Such a subtle but deliberate touch left me wanting more. That date also ended with a hug but this time one step further…a kiss on the cheek. The beauty was in the innocence of it all.

Holding his hand makes me feel warm & fuzzy inside.

Holding his hand makes me feel special.

Holding his hand makes me feel good.

Holding his hand makes me feel like a lady.

Holding his hand makes me feel happy.

Holding his hand always brings a smile to my face.

He doesn’t just hold my hand, he squeezes intermittently and rubs softly with his thumb. He holds it tight like a good hug. If my hands could talk they’d say that they’re pleased.

Touch is such an amazing thing.

I like to sit and run my hands through his hair, I could do that all day.

I like to run my hands up and down his side while I lay on his chest…..I could do that all day.

I like to just lay and run my fingers through his beard….I could do that all day.

The way he rubs his hand on my thighs and knees ever so slightly when we’re out..the way he softly glides his hand across my ass while we’re going through a store, total bliss.

Under His Hand

Under His Hand

But just as much as I enjoy holding his hands..I enjoy being physically underneath his hands.

Under his hands when i’m face down in a pillow as he presses one hand into the middle of my back and the other just above my ass as he thrusts deeply.

Under his hands when my head is hanging off the edge of the bed with his hand around my neck while my mouth is filled with his cock.

Under his hands when…well you get my drift 🙂

I feel differently being under his hand versus holding his hand.

Being under his hand makes me feel like a woman.

Being under his hand makes me feel sexy.

Being under his hand makes me feel like I’m his.

Being under his hand makes me feel erotic.

Being under his hand makes me feel free.

Being under his hand makes me feel safe and at peace.

There’s no place I’d rather be – Sadie ❤

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