TMI Tuesdays

TMI Tuesdays – March 12, 2019

I’ve been having a hard time getting to sleep’s a long story. I was happy to see when I checked the TMI Tuesday blog that the prompt was up early. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to do it this week since I already have a blog scheduled for everyday this week. If you want to participate in TMI Tuesdays I will leave the directions on how you can join in at the end of this post. For those interested in the blog post today for Sir Week, it will be up later in the day – Sadie ❤

1. What curse word do you use the most? I use Fuck the most and it’s usually during sex. I don’t generally curse outside of that, maybe a shit every now and then.

2. Would you rather take a picture or be in a picture? I’d much rather take a picture then be in one. Sadly I hate pictures but I love taking them.

 3. Has anyone ever called you lazy? Why did they say that? Lazy…hmmm maybe my mom. I think she’s the only one who has ever called me lazy and the reason is because she’s a mom lol! I am not lazy however so I haven’t heard that outside of her. 

4. Have you ever dated or slept with a neighbor? How did things turn out? Ohh Joy lol! I haven’t had to think about this in agesss. I have been innocently involved with a neighbor (not quite dated or slept with but still a good story) and he was literally my next door neighbor. When I moved into my very first apartment it was in a small building with only two floors and five apartments. My neighbor moved in a few months after I had. He was tall, dark and handsome, as the movies would say…physically fit, nice and articulate. Its been so long I don’t recall why or how we started talking but we did. Sometimes I’d go by his place and we’d just catch up after work or he’d come to mines and we’d watch a movie . It was largely friendship but the type of friendship where both people knew there was a bit of tension in the air. At the time I had a boyfriend that I really liked but mid way through our relationship he found out his ex girlfriend was pregnant. I remember my birthday that year we had big plans, I had my outfit picked out, he made reservations etc. Everything was going as planned on the day of my birthday but as luck would have it…we never went out. This was because his ex girlfriend went into labor on the night of my birthday. Needless to say I was having a shitty night. My neighbor had stopped by since he saw my lights on to say Happy Birthday and I told him all about what happened and he was so sorry. He leaves and walks two steps to his apartment to go home. About an hour later he invites me over to my surprise he’s ordered Chinese takeout, has ice cream and other treats. We talk, watch television and eat then I go home. I go home feeling like he’s a pretty cool dude. A few weeks later I decide to break up with my boyfriend because I could not deal with baby mama drama and all that entailed. At this point my neighbor and I were seeing each other daily but it was only talking, we didnt have sex, kiss or touch in any way. One evening I go over there to hang out as usual and we finally end up kissing. It was nice but it didn’t go any further then that. And I say finally because you could cut the tension with a knife in all the time that we’d known each other and had been hanging out. For the next few days after the kiss he was gone for about 5 days. The next time we get together and we’re talking but I could sense something was up. I asked where he took a trip to etc…….he’s says that he was gone because he was at his wedding getting married! Apparently his wife lived in another state …….that’s how it turned out and that was the last day I spoke to my neighbor. I didn’t answer any of his calls, didn’t open my door and on the rare occasion I saw him in the hallway I looked the other way…I was too through. So now let’s pack that memory back up and put it in its box far far away.

An old picture of me in my very first apartment!

5. Have you ever broken up with a significant other then “cheated” with that same person while they were in a relationship with someone else? First let me say it took me quite a while to even understand what this question was asking. No I have not done this before.

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