Makeup Sex is Good for the Soul – Growing Pains Pt 3

Makeup sex is good for the soul….period. Sometimes the things you have to go through prior to getting to that point makes it all the more worthwhile. If you’ve been following along this is my third and final blog post in the series growing pains. (If you haven’t read the previous two..stop here now and go back so that you can be up to speed – i’ll link both post here. )
Growing Pains & Growing Pains Pt 2 I’ll start by saying that I was very happy to be in the position to be having makeup sex and not breakup sex because when this all begun it was looking like it could be heading in that direction. And by in that direction I mean breaking up and not quite break up sex because the look he gave me before walking out of that door was something fierce and i’m certain he wouldn’t have been coming back to sex me down for one last session lol I can laugh now….but it was far from funny at the time . I had a very hard week prior to us getting together that day.

Makeup sex is beautiful…period. There’s something about the butterflies of anticipation I could feel in my stomach as I waited for him to come knocking at the door. There’s something about that giddy excitement about whats in store after ten long sexless days. There’s something about the willingness to do almost anything. There’s something about the re connection it makes. It’s less about the actual sex and more about the need for closeness. It’s more about the need to be close that special someone after being away for so long. It’s about the need to feel there skin up against yours, their breath on your neck and their hands slowly caress your body. It’s the stillness you feel when your head is nestled in there lap with a mouth full of cock while they rest there hands on your head. There’s beauty in the closeness.

In that place I longed to be….. the feeling of closeness…the smell of his skin…the taste of his being

I opened the door and let him in after tidying up some last minute clutter. I knew why he was there and so did he. We had just left from getting ice cream at Coldstone and prior to that we had dinner and my lengthy apology in the park. I had mentioned in passing how I wouldn’t mind happy makeup sex and I was excited when I realized he would oblige. He comes in and I fumble to hang up my sweater and then nervously pick up random stuff and put them away. I think he sensed my nervous vibe when he asked as I was passing by “where are you going?” So I sat on my bed in front of him as he leaned up against the dresser and we just looked at each other and I waited in my mind thinking “You could take me whatever way you like.”

Come back tomorrow for TMI Tuesdays 🙂 I post a new blog every single Monday. Next week will be a special one with a blog post everyday Monday to Friday so you won’t want to miss it. Feel free to comment and Follow..I don’t bite. – Sadie ❤

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