There’s something in a name…….

There’s something in a name…whether it’s the name you’ve chosen for your child, the name you’ve created for your new business or the nickname you have for your favorite person. Names have meaning some significant and others not so much. I think the best place to begin this journey into blogging would be to tell you why I chose the name “Her Wicked Rapture” as the blogs title. But before I get into that I need to clear the room of people who may have stumbled onto this blog that might find themselves offended. I’ve learned that when sharing publicly on the world wide web you open yourself up to criticism and judgement but I’ve also learned people sometimes seek out the things they like the least just so they can be a pain in the ass. For example, someone who hates fruit loops will go to the forum of people who love fruit loops just to spew there negative energy. In the case of our blog I feel the need to tell you exactly what you’re getting yourself into so you have the choice to click the “X” in the right hand corner and leave stage left if it’s just not your cup of tea.

This is not a blog for those sensitive to adult topics and judgmental of non conventional choices. We are always open to reasonable discussion on a topic but we don’t need anyone trying to convince us that our choices in life are not right. Right is subjective so your right maybe my wrong. If a curse word is going to make you flustered or an artistically nude photo of me/us makes you feel like spewing negativity then this blog is not for you. We are a couple at the basis of things but we are also so many other things. We are an interracial couple, we are poly and we are kinky…that may be a lot to swallow for some. There will be days where I write just about the intricacies of our day, days where I write about our sex, days where I write about difficult times and days where I choose to just reflect. I enjoy the anonymity of sharing freely and honestly in a open space with no need to be fake or hold back on my feelings. This is us…..Sadie & Wicked. 

Her – That’s me Sadie 

Wicked – That’s him 

Rapture – A feeling of intense pleasure or joy 

I chose Her Wicked Rapture because it has so much meaning. At the basis of things it is a play on words for how we met. He has a platform where he shares in a different way that has a similar name to the one chosen for this. I’ll have to share the story on how we met in a later post…so stick around and make sure to have your popcorn and a drink ready for when that blog pops up on your feed. The name also has a dual meaning of sorts and the duality speaks to a few things. One is the fact that its a shared blog that’ll consist of two parts both his views and my views. When he does share and write for the blog I will make sure to annotate those portions so you know its him (Wicked) and not me (Sadie). Two it speaks to the dual relationship I hope to ultimately have with him. One that is both romantic and D/s (Dominance & Submission)…..more on that later. Currently we are solely in a romantic relationship. So this is a good place to start the blog in reference to that because it’ll show the journey to that place…and who knows how it will turn out. The name also has two meanings.. the first is as simple as the way I broke it down above….Sadie + Wicked = A feeling of intense pleasure or joy. The flip side is version two….A very good girl who enjoys wicked things and can’t wait to experience his rapture (Rapture in this context meaning…to be ravished by him). There’s definitely something in this name.


I’m a woman in her thirties who loves all things happy….flowers, sunshine and rainbows. I’m a very hard nut to crack but once it’s cracked I’m extremely gooey on the inside. Most who I haven’t given the full opportunity to know me would say that I have a very stoic exterior. I’m pretty reserved and quiet although I can hold a good conversation if need be. On the inside I’m full of feels, very emotions driven, full or care..concern & consideration. I’m a child at heart stuck in a grown woman’s body. My emotions are easily linked with those who I care about – if someone I care about is happy then I’m happy, if they’re hurt then I’m hurt and that hurt is 10x deeper if I managed to be the cause of there hurt, if they’re sad then I’m sad…..you get my drift . I’m impatient and can be mouthy at times. I am often very literal when it comes to words. I am not the same person I am at work as I am on the outside. I enjoy outdoors….I love camping, nature walks, mountain climbing and kayaking. I enjoy both reading and writing. I’m crafty so I love creating new things with my hands. I’m always on a quest to learn and experience new crafts. I love memory keeping and spend several hours weekly scrap booking and doing memory based projects. I enjoy musicals and theater but I’m not much of a movie buff. I enjoy sex and all it has to offer. I have my kinks. I believe in freedom. I believe in the power to choose. I believe in living your best life according to your own set of rules.


I’ll leave this description up to him…..coming soon

His hands reaching back to give me a warm rub ❤ It’s the little things that have big meaning.

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